About the artist
Amanda was born in Germany, but lived in the beautiful state of Colorado for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a place where nature is co closely tied to her surroundings has influenced her and her art greatly.  Constantly immersed in the mountains as a child has developed her love for nature. Working in Yellowstone National Park has also influenced the way that she sees the National Parks and their history. This is what inspired her recent series on the parks. She is currently a student at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs working towards her Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography, graduating inMay of 2017. Her work often explores lights and colors, but also has a tendency to look towards nature with an abstract viewpoint. Amanda often uses long exposure times and focus on color to inspire her and evoke a sense of time. She continues to document and explore the landscapes around her, their influence of humans on these places, and hopes to continue exploring more of the world and its’ natural wonders.
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